Helpline: Toilet training tips, sick baby sleep routines and more

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When you’re raising small children there are so many questions that need answering. How do you get them to settle? When can they start solids? Why won’t they sleep?

Every week mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue joins Helpline to answer your questions.

In this episode she tackles:

  • How much milk does a nine-month-old need?
  • Setting up good sleep practices for a ten-week-old
  • Helping a reluctant three-year-old to use the toilet
  • When a sick 12-month-old throws the sleep book out the window
  • Is it possible to get a two-year-old to sleep until seven am and ditch the dummy?
  • Getting an early rising 17-month-old (5am) to sleep longer
  • When a seven-year-old feels jealous about a new baby in the family
  • How to resettle a six-month-old without waking their sibling
  • Managing long newborn feeds with an active toddler
  • Toilet training a 27-month-old when you have a newborn baby

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