Helpline: Veggies and toddlers, standing in baths, sleepless babies and more

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Sometimes with small children, it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees. When it comes to tweaking challenging situations, mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue knows how to give you the perspective you need.

Today on Helpline she helps parents with:

  • A 22-month-old who is starting to get fussy with food
  • Day naps for a nine-month-old
  • Night waking for an 18-month-old
  • Transitioning an almost one-year-old to daycare
  • A 14-month-old who refuses to sit in the bath
  • A three-year-old who is waking through the night
  • An 18-month-old who is waking through the night
  • A 15-month-old who is having tantrums in the playground

Listen to Chris Minogue on Feed Play Love:

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It’s time for Helpline with Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue. Maybe you’re in a bit of a pickle over how to nurse your little one, or your toddler is pulling some major temper tantrums, whatever it is, Chris is here to answer your questions. Leave them in the video below or call the Helpline Hotline on 1800 543 772. Babyology is sponsored by Nurofen for Children. Any Helpline (or Helpline Extra) content, information and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not constitute any views, expressions or endorsements by Nurofen for Children.

Posted by Babyology on Thursday, May 23, 2019

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