Best of Helpline: Regulating day sleeps, weaning toddlers off bottles and more

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This week, Helpline has taken a short break so we are bringing you one of our most popular episodes with Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue.

On this episode, Chris deals with the following concerns:

  • How to regulate a 17-month-old’s day sleeps
  • How to wean a 14-month-old off his bottles
  • Whether you can overfeed a seven-month-old
  • Getting a 15-month-old back into the cot after a period of illness and co-sleeping
  • Lengthening the afternoon naps for a five-month-old
  • Working out the right amount of sleep for a 20-month-old
  • How to stop a six-month-old from cat napping (and how to help her sleep better)
  • How to help a 16-month-old sleep better at night

To book a private one-on-one consultation with Chris Minogue or another sleep expert you can book one through Babyology’s Sleep School.

Listen to Chris Minogue on Feed Play Love:

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