To the left, to the left! 7 interesting facts about left-handed kids

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Once upon a time, left-handed people were discriminated against, accused of being witches or consorting with the devil. Oh no! Thank goodness things have changed.

Eventually we wised up and realised that left-handedness is no biggie – and that lefties are truly excellent people too! Here’s some interesting facts about left-handedness, in case you have a little lefty in your life:

The 10%

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Around 10% of the population are left-handed. That's a lot right?! It's really not as uncommon as we're sometimes led to believe. Further, lefties can vary in their lefty-ness. Some are totally left-handed. Others are mostly left-handed, but might use their right hand to eat, open a jar or throw a ball. There are all kinds of interesting differences in lefty-land.


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