Watch Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds lose their minds at a Taylor Swift concert

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Actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively chose a Taylor Swift concert for their weekend date night and you’ve got to admit they went a leeeetle bit nuts!


Ryan and Blake are in fact good buddies with Taylor Swift, with their daughter James even appearing on the track Gorgeous on Taylor’s Reputation album.

Blake and Ryan were spotted at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts with their other good buddy, Gigi Hadid and they displayed the very opposite of keeping it cool. The pair were adorably captured on video (and quickly shared to Twitter) yesterday as they squealed, danced, Instagrammed and generally partied it up like it was nobody’s gosh darned business!

The couple basically lost their shoot when they heard their three-year-old’s voice resonate through the venue and Taylor (and presumably Ryan and Blake) fans were on hand to capture the moment. 

Read more about Blake and Ryan:

Looking a lot like two twelve-year-olds when their favourite song rolls out, James’ mum and dad sang, jumped, screamed and squealed through the track. While Ryan tried to keep it low key, the excitement was just too much. Blake, on the other hand, went totally wild from the get-go.

Ryan and Blake are parents to young James as well as 20-month-old daughter named Inez.

Wait, what?

Another less cute and more bonkers story about Ryan Reynolds is currently making the rounds – and we don’t know what to think. Outlets are reporting that he’s remaking Home Alone, but subbing the accidentally abandoned Macauley Culkin character out for a … stoner gent.

The comedy Stoned Alone is reportedly due out next year and SURELY IT’S A JOKE and this is not really happening?! Say it’s not true.


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