The Wiggles’ Lachy speaks out on split: “We had such a connection at the start”

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The news of Lachlan Gillespie and Emma Watkins split took many by surprise and now the purple Wiggle has shared a little more about how he’s managing post-separation.

“I love her more now than anything”

Speaking to Page 13, Lachy said the two remain firm friends, despite this big shift in their relationship.

“We are the best of friends, we always have been, that’s how it started. To be able to realise as a couple that we were going different ways and to stay as close as we are is a real testament, I think, to both of us. I love her more now than anything and she loves me more than anything.”

The pair have been separated since February, announcing their formal separation two weeks ago. While it’s obviously a huge adjustment for the couple, Lachy again pointed out that he and Emma are very bonded – and will continue to be.

“We have embraced this as a very positive change in our relationship. Our incredible friendship has been strengthened throughout this time,” Emma confirmed a fortnight ago. 

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Reassuring update for fans

All of The Wiggles are obviously very keen to reassure fans and their families hat this much-loved pair are working through their sad time with compassion and respect for each other.

“It’s life,” Lachy confirmed. “We had such a connection at the start and in a way it has got stronger through the whole separation. We have got to that point that we know our paths have changed and things were not working as a couple.”

“But all we care about is the children who watch the show. That’s how it started and that hasn’t changed.”

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⭐️ Lachy ⭐️ We have, and continue to share, the most beautiful life together, but we wanted to let you know that privately for the last six months we have been navigating through a trial separation, and we have made the decision to separate as a couple. Throughout that period, we have performed hundreds of shows together and that is always a continued source of joy for us both. We have embraced this as a very positive change in our relationship. Our incredible friendship has been strengthened throughout this time and what we have discovered is that, more than ever, first and foremost we love and adore performing as Emma and Lachy in The Wiggles and having the privilege of celebrating this happiness with extraordinary families around the world. We have chosen a different path to travel in our personal lives, but please know that we are stronger than ever and we can’t wait to see you at a show soon. We will not be commenting beyond this, and we thank you in advance for respecting our privacy. Lots of love, Emma and Lachy xx @lachy_wiggle

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Getting better all the time

Touching on Emma’s really difficult twelve months or so dealing with chronic endometriosis, Lachy said she’s focusing on rebuilding her health and feeling well again.

“She is still really tired,” he said, “and just really concentrating on getting better”.

He told Page 13 that The Wiggles are focused on getting better and better too – despite this shift within their ranks.

“For the four of us it is all about the music, that’s all we have ever wanted to do. We have just done this Emma TV series and the music just keeps getting better and better, every time we are in the studio. It’s only just got started really,” Lachy says.

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Bat guy

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