The ten most common (and completely ridiculous) reasons siblings fight

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Having more than one child is such a blessing. I love it when my kids play together, protect one another and peacefully co-exist. However, it doesn’t happen all that often. Most of the time they fight. And the reasoning behind their fighting is irrational at best. So we rounded up some of the most common and completely ridiculous reasons our kids fight – Do any of these ring true for parents with more than one child?

Fight One: Child A used a crayon that once belonged to Child B, three years ago.

And Child B still claims ownership over said crayon even though he hasn’t touched it in three years. It doesn’t have to be a crayon – a stuffed animal, a toy rattle, a dummy even. If Child B looked at it at one stage in his life, then it’s his. Forever.

Fight Two:  Child A got one eighth of a dollop more peanut butter on their sandwich.

But the fights don’t stop with peanut butter. Fights could also stem because Child A received 13 sultanas and Child B received 12. Or it could be because Child A’s apple was sliced .002 millimetres bigger than Child A’s apple. If the portion size isn’t even in every way possible, it’s most likely going to cause a problem.

Fight Three:  Child A got the green cup. Child B wanted the green cup.

But Child B usually hates the green cup. Child B usually wants the blue cup. Not today. Today it’s the green cup. We suggest buying two of everything, you know, just in case.

Fight Four: Child A is touching Child B.

This could be a punch, a hit, a kick, or just simply an accidental brush of the shoulder when the children pass one another in the playroom. Regardless of the contact, it usually results in, “Mum, he touched me!”

Fight Five: Child A was looking at Child B.

Often a fight will result without body contact even being needed. Sometimes, even just glancing in the direction of Child B will result in a fight and, one of my favourite complaints of, “Mum, he looked at me!”


Fight Six: Child A was looking out the car window on Child B’s side.

Child A sits on the left in the car. Child B sits on the right. If Child A happens to look out of the right side of the car, then, it’s game on.

Fight Seven: Child A is having a birthday. And Child B is not.

The only way to move around this fight is to plan to have your children on the exact same day. Not an easy task but perhaps you’re up for it?

Fight Eight: Child A was dropped off at daycare first. And Child B was the second drop off.

This fight varies depending on who gets dropped off at their daycare or school first. Either way, one of the kids is not happy.

Fight Nine: Child A sneezed. And Child B couldn’t hear the television for 1/5th of a second.

It doesn’t have to be a sneeze. If Child A asks a question, laughs at the television, or even breaths too loud, then it’s enough reason to start a fight and, another favourite complaint, “Mum, I can’t hear the TV. He is breathing too loud.”

And don’t even get me started on what happens when I try to vacuum when the kids are watching television …

Fight Ten: Child A got dressed first.

It doesn’t have to be a competition. But it is. Every single morning. And if I don’t help Child B dress first, then it’s the end of the world. But, if Child A isn’t dressed first, then it’s also the end of the world. The solution? Synchronised dressing. It isn’t in the Olympics yet … but wait for it to appear any time soon.


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