Not a joke. Couples are signing ‘baby-nups’ in an attempt to stop fights

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We’ve all heard of marriage prenups but now some couples are drawing up ‘baby-nups’.

And we, along with the entire internet are having a chuckle.

Foolproof parenting 

The contract between the future mum and dad aims to divvy up the chores when bub comes along, as well as reduce the bickering that usually comes about when two becomes three.

The idea is to try and foolproof parents from the feelings of resentment towards their partner that may arise when a baby rocks their world and sleep deprivation turns them into monsters.

The contract can be whatever the parents want, but some also cover everything from discipline approaches and schooling plans to custody arrangements, in the case of the marriage breaking down. 

New parents

Twitter is in hysterics

As any mum who has had a birth plan go way south knows, life with a baby and parenting in general, just isn’t something that can be planned.

As such, Twitter is having a field day when the Today Show asked its audience what they thought of the absurd idea.

“This is your child, not a chore,” wrote one Twitter user.

“It’s called being a parent,” added another. “Either embrace every good, bad, wonderful and annoying thing that comes with it, or don’t have kids.”

“Pretty sad state of parenthood when you start adding contracts. Why breed in the first place?” asked another.

Sometimes one person carries the load

Then some clearly experienced parents added their two cents.

“Until you’ve lived it, it’s really hard to know who will need extra support with what and when,” wrote one mother. “I.e. — It’s hard to plan for postpartum. Sometimes one partner will need to carry the other. Just commit to loving each other and getting through the highs and lows. It’s worth it.”

Nicely said. 

“Nice in theory, but 99% of the time, the mom does it all,” wrote one user.

“Exactly!!” another chimed in. “This is what is wrong with society. Nothing is truly 50/50. We have commitments that arrive, health issues, career choices etc that impede even the best laid plans. Life is like a box of unmarked chocolates most days.”

Mum breastfeeding at night

But eye-rolls aside

While it’s easy to jump on the, ‘they have no idea until they have kids’ bandwagon, the idea does have some merit.

Sure, no one can plan for parenting, or life for that matter, but perhaps having a chat and an idea of how you MIGHT feel about things when baby comes along, will help you to both be on the same page.


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