Man shocks internet with bizarre bedroom claim: “It’s not that unusual is it?”

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You have to feel a bit of empathy for Steve O’Rourke.

The Dublin man shared on Twitter that he and his wife Amy don’t lay claim to a side of the bed. That is, they regularly swap sides. 🤔

Yep, you heard that right – on any given night, Steve might choose to sleep on the left side of the bed – taking his book and pillow with him. The next night, his wife Amy may choose to do the same. 

What madness is this? 

And so the process is repeated, throughout the week with no pattern to speak of.

Naturally, Steve’s colleagues were completely thrown by his admission. So, Steve took to Twitter for moral support.

Writing: “Apparently it’s weird … It’s not that unusual is it?”

Unfortunately, everyone on Twitter thought he was absolutely bonkers too.

“Steve, I am not sure you and your missus are actually human,” wrote one.

“Do you sometimes call yourself  Steve, and sometimes call yourself by your wife’s name?” queried another, and fair question!

And this (quite possibly my favourite):

“I didn’t think this was even an option! <consults wife> Apparently, it isn’t.”

The dark side …

Now, we’re all for ‘to each their own’, ‘you do you, boo’, etc, etc … but seriously, what madness is this?!

What do you think, Babyologists? Would you ever head to the ‘dark side’ – and swap sides with your partner? 


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