I went on a date last night, but not with my husband

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Last night I donned a pair of dangly earrings and went out on a date, with someone other than my husband. And it was the best thing I could have done for our relationship.

I feel restored

Today I feel like I have a name other than ‘mum’. Today I feel more in tune with who I am, apart from a mummy and wife. Today I feel sparkly, and my husband has noticed.

I didn’t cheat on him!

Now, I know this is probably what you’re thinking, so I’ll fess up right now. My date wasn’t with another love interest. I didn’t cheat on my husband. But it was a date in every sense of the word. There was dinner, a movie and we even a shared bucket of popcorn. But the person I took out on the town was a dear mum-friend of mine. And It was the best night out we’ve both had in a very long time!

We belly laughed. We had rich conversations about things other than our babies – but we did talk about them too, because while (well, I like to think!) we are fun, interesting and savvy women, we are also mothers who have have bonded over this most precious aspect of our lives.


The rejuvenating power of the mum date

Now I know ‘date night’ is a thing for many parents, and I also love a bit of ‘us’ time away from our demanding but adorable munchkins, but I don’t always come away from those nights feeling as good about my relationship, and myself, as I do today.

While it’s nice to let out my mum-bun for a dinner date at a restaurant with my husband, sometimes these can turn into parenting business meetings. We laugh and talk about the kids, and life, of course, but we can’t help chatting about all the things on our family to-do list.

Is a mum date what we all need?

While ‘me time’ is always great for the soul, I don’t think anything compares to friend time. A good friend will lift you up, remind you of your talents, hear you out and restore you. A good mum-friend also understands your life.

“You look nice today. I think it’s because you still have your ‘I went out’ residue from last night.”

These are the words my husband just said to me as he kissed my head while I write this post. He’s right. I have my sparkle today. I needed a night out. I needed a break from my household. I needed my friend. And it turns out, our relationship needed this too.

Book in a mum date

Maybe you should tee up a mum date this week too? It might be just the thing you need.


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