Gorgeous, dad-centric Instagram tells dads “don’t babysit, parent!”

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The Don’t Forget Dads Instagram account is keen to capture dads parenting in the trenches, with the catch-cry “Don’t babysit! Parent!” That seems like a sensible idea to us – and these photos are making us ugly-cry.

Dads rule

Granted mums would never face the same passionate directive, but we love it that these ace dads are attempting to shake up the remaining few dad-dinosaurs amongst us, urging them to step wholeheartedly into the role they’ve taken on. Grab the baby by the horns, dad! (Or something…!)

This account is more than a reminder to dads to embrace all that co-parenting offers, though. It’s a whole-hearted celebration of beautiful, funny, vulnerable dad moments and a glimpse into parenting, dude-style.

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"The entire universe conspired to help me find you. I changed my life, left everything I loved and knew and moved across the country to find this man, I'm so thankful now I can see that all the bumpy paths in our lives all played a part in helping us be ready for each other, when we found one another. I wouldn't have imagined that 2 years ago I would be here, sharing the most incredible profound love with the man of my heart, welcoming our child, and carefully creating our own family that I had only dreamed of. _ We survived 73 hours of excruciating intense labor that resulted in complications that we had hoped would never happen, he learned my contractions before they came and experienced every painful one with me, he never left my side. We endured the hardest and most challenging thing I've ever experienced in my life, together. And it made us closer and more in love. I'll never forget looking into his eyes when we first heard Wolfe cry and I saw something I can't even put into words happen. His previous sense of self was shed and a father was born, and our hearts were finally fully open to experience what I see now as true love. _ I love this man, I love where we've been together and where we are going. He is the only person who belongs next to me, infinitely. These two are in my veins, heart and soul." @marewolf_and_cub #reallove #dontforgetdads

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Diverse depictions

The images we see of men parenting are often negative or conversely, cheesy and contrived.

These Don’t Forget Dads more real-life moments, with dads front and centre, are not any of those things. Instead, these shots give us a more candid view of dad-ing,  in an arena that’s often crowded with mum-and-kid shots (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

Don’t Forget Dads are seeking to promote parenting equality – and sharing the load – and capture dads’ delighted, exhausted, committed involvement in raising their kids.

Don’t just take our word for it though, take a peek..!





We love seeing these images and we love catching a glimpse into precious and challenging parenting moments… from a dude point of view.

Thanks, dads! #FistBump


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