The differences between parenting your first child and your third

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Studies suggest that the most stressful number of children to have is three. But we tend to disagree. After all, by the third child the little things (like a clean house or clean child for that matter) really don’t seem that important.

If you’ve had more than one and have noticed that your confidence and leniency grows with every bub you have, then you’ll appreciate these differences between raising your first and your third child.

So what really changes?

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Dr. Google is no longer required.

As long as you have Band-Aids, you’re pretty much good to go.

“Things my child found on the floor” becomes a food group.

Dairy, grains, fruits, veggies and dirt. That covers it.

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Daycare drop-off is five times quicker the third time around.

For every child you have, you can expect to reduce your drop off instructions by at least 10 minutes when leaving the kids with the grandparents or at daycare.

Hand-me-downs rule the closets.

With your first born, everything was shiny and new, right? How about with your third?

The baby’s books become slimmer and slimmer.

Your firstborn’s baby book probably includes every milestone tracked, perfectly timed monthly photos and a novel worth of cherished memories and thoughts.

By the third, there really isn’t enough time to stage photos, write gushy notes or count baby teeth. And thus, this happens instead…

You pretty much just give up on sleep.

As long as the kids are asleep somewhere (in their bed, on your bed, on the floor, on the lounge), then you’ve done your job.

You pretty much give up on laundry too.

When washing, sorting and folding clothes for a mini-van full of kids, you’re fighting a lost battle.

Baby food making gets tossed aside.

It’s hard enough making meals for everyone else without having to add in making tasty purees as well. With your third, there is a good chance you opt for the baby led weaning approach.

Or store bought food.

You stop counting in months.

When someone asks how old your first born baby is, you will probably answer with something like, “He’s 15 months this week.”

When someone asks how old your third baby is, the answer probably goes something like, “He’s one. Or around that.”

This is even more true when it comes to pregnancy. First pregnancy you can expect to answer with, “I’m 19 weeks this Friday.” Third pregnancy? “Well, I haven’t had the baby yet so I must be under nine months.”

“Ask your father” gets replaced with “Ask your brother/sister.”

Because older siblings are the perfect helpers!

While this is certainly not the case for all mums, many parents would admit that more kids means less stress (and less worries). 

Did these things ring true for you?



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