Dear Mummy, here’s 7 things you do every day to make me feel loved

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Dear Mummy,

I know that the job you are doing is a big one – especially when I keep you up all night or am having a grizzly day.

Perhaps you might not always realise that you are getting it right and doing an amazing job. 

And that all the different ways you look after me not only make me feel cared for, but they make me feel special, safe and loved in a sometimes big and unfamiliar world.

Here’s 7 things you do every day to make me feel loved, just to remind you that the little things really are the big things.

1. You kiss me awake

Sometimes I’m crabby and crying when I wake up. I don’t want to rise and shine! And sometimes I’m giggling and so happy to see you. But no matter how I’m feeling, you always have a kiss and snuggle ready for me when I wake up.  You remind me that you’ll always be there.

2. You keep my tummy full

I bet it feels like I am always hungry – and quite often, I really am. You always make sure my tummy is full, even when it’s the middle of the night and you’d rather be tucked up cosily in bed. Your reliable care helps me feel safe and teaches me about the rhythm of my day.

3. You keep me dry, night and day

Whatever time of the day or night, you know that having a soft, dry nappy makes me feel happy, comfortable and calm. You choose Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies because they guard against leaks, keep wetness away from my skin and fit comfortably around my tummy and legs.

Happy mum and bub

4. You show me the world

In the beginning, we mostly stayed at home together, but as the days rolled out, you began to take me out and show me the flowers, trees and people in our street. Every day is an adventure with you, Mummy and I love the way you take the time to explain the things I don’t yet understand.

5. You help me be brave

Sometimes I might have to do things that I’ve never done before, but you are right there with a comforting smile, holding my hand as I learn to trust, explore and try new things.

6. You listen to me

While I might have trouble letting you know what I need, you always keep trying to work me out. No matter if I’m crying, trying to copy the words you use, screwing up my face or pointing and kicking, you’re consistently helpful, trying to understand and give me what I need.

Happy baby and mum

7. You give the best hugs

Very often all I need is to be wrapped up in your arms, cosy and protected from the world. You’re always there with a cuddle and some gentle words, letting me know that I’m special and loved … and that everything will be okay with you by my side.

Thank you, Mummy!

This is a sponsored post for Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies


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