Busted! Girl FaceTimes her dad to snitch on her brother who pooped on the floor

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Oh the horrors that toddlers can bring to our lives. And no one knows this more than American dad of three, Dante, who this week received an impromptu FaceTime from his young daughter, who had something VERY ‘special’ to show him.

A confronting call

Imagine Dante’s confusion to see his daughter calling him on FaceTime when she was in the house with him upstairs. The father of three was looking after his youngest downstairs when the video call came through, and to say he was unimpressed is an understatement.

Poop scoop

His daughter had discovered her younger brother’s poop sitting fair and square on the carpet of their playroom – ewww! She must have felt the need to notify her dad immediately with the news and clearly being a young lady living in a modern world, instead of running downstairs it was the phone she grabbed to quickly showcase the crime in real time. Savvy!

Tired dad can’t cope

The look on her dad’s face really says it all – it’s utterly priceless. Three young kids is knackering enough as it is without one of them defecating neatly on the carpet. It’s true, little kids make a lot of mess. But when it comes to pee and poop, often there is no way to deal with it other than to reach out to the masses. It’s no wonder Dante then turned to Twitter to expose his son’s escapades in an attempt to share his pain with the world.

Feeling for a father

The Twitter-verse came through with all the relatable feels. With the post already receiving thousands of likes, comments and shares; it’s clear by the comments that parents and even those without kids were equally mortified by the act.

“Ah parenthood,” wrote one.

While another non-parent thanked their lucky stars: “Thank you for the birth control.”

“You have to throw the whole child and carpet away they are adorable!”

Outing the culprit

Dante followed up his first post with another photo on Twitter, this time featuring the guilty pooper and his sister witness, who quite frankly both look incredibly adorable.

We’re sure their dad wasn’t able to stay mad for long. We just hope he gets a whole lot of sleep soon – and some new carpet!

Have you ever discovered any nasty toddler poop surprises?!


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