Aunties are amazing – here are eight reasons why

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To all the awesome aunties out there – this one is for you.

My children are blessed with not only two amazing related child-free aunties, but also a few child-free best mates that take their roles as “honorary aunties” extremely seriously.

Aunts are busy. They have their own lives, their own relationships, their own responsibilities and often even their own kids. But aunts hold a special place in the hearts of their nieces and nephews and they hold the secret to sanity for many mums. So let’s toast to all of those awesome aunties out there who are making our lives just a little bit easier, one gift at a time.

1. They make fantastic cakes

Aunties who love to bake are just about the best type of aunty there is! And if they love to bake, they’ll probably love to break out the sprinkles and the choc chips and the smarties and do some ‘fun baking’ for you. They take the job seriously too, so they are also the best person to ask to make your child’s birthday cake. They will stay up alllllll night if they have to in order to deliver the fairy/unicorn/princess hybrid birthday cake of your three-year-old’s dreams.

2. They actually want to play (which means you can take a break)

You know you have an amazing sister when she comes over for a swim with the kids and you don’t even have to get in the pool!

3. They buy the cutest outfits

Every single adorable item in my children’s wardrobe came from an aunt or honorary aunt.

4. They think outside the gift box, even when they’re broke

My children’s aunt has never failed to send a birthday or Christmas present. And, even when she admitted to being completely broke, she managed to send my daughter a letter from “Queen Elsa of Arendelle” in the post.

This was pretty much the best present ever for my three-year-old. And cost less than a Freddo Frog.

5. The kids actually behave when with them

My two turn into happy little angels whenever an aunty is over. I don’t know if it’s the assurance of a gift or treat, the promise of at least 100 selfies or the guarantee of having a playmate for the next couple of hours, but whatever the case, they transform right in front of my eyes.

woman and little girl taking a selfie

6. They make the best (and cheapest) babysitters

Need a bit of a break? Have a last minute doctor’s appointment? Most aunties are more than happy to watch the kids for a little while, and on short notice. And best of all, you can trust them fully with your children. This is a priceless feeling.

7. They have endless energy

I’ve never once had my sister come over and say, “No, I’m too tired to play with your kids.” Even when she’s hungover. She’s still willing to play babies. Or puzzles. Or bus. Or wrestling. Or dump every item on the floor and watch Aunty pick it up.

Sure, they may get to go home to their child-free clean house and sleep for the afternoon, but when they are here, they are 100 percent present.

8. And, finally, they genuinely love your children

It’s quite incredible to find someone who loves your children as unconditionally as you do, especially when they really don’t have to. But many aunties do.

So on behalf of all the sleep-deprived mums out there, thank you to all aunties and honorary aunties for everything you do. Your support, your compassion and your unconditional love means the world to us and to our kids.


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