10 things aunties can do WAY better than mums

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We’re not going to lie. We think mums are awesome, but there are some things that are best left in the hands of aunties.

Aunties are the great untapped resource of the modern world. If you have a sister (or if your mum has a sister) you might want to think about calling in the aunty reinforcements for the following ten things aunties just do better than us mums. You’re welcome.

1. Aunties are better at unbridled fun times

This is not to say that they are better at play or better at loving your kiddo, but there is something irreverent and wild in the non-parent-y way aunts hang with kids that (often exhausted) mums adore. Aunties are less worried about routine, teaching moments and mess and more invested in making sure their niece or nephew are under their besotted spell and passing on important life skills like belly-raspberries, mixing mud and leaf-filled potions in the garden and blanket fort construction.

2. Aunties are better at changing nappies *nods earnestly*

Controversial – and admittedly this may take some practice – but once your favourite aunty is trained up they can be the preferred baby change representative – and you can nick off to boil the kettle and summon a restorative cup of tea for everyone. This one is true if you let it be – or if you brainwash your aunty fave with lots of positive reinforcement. 😉

Mother swinging toddler boy upside down in the kitchen - feature

3. Aunties are better at initiating ‘The Pretty Drink Hour’

Aunties have a sixth sense about the exact right time to summon up a delicious cocktail and plate of cheese, kabana, colourful tiny onions and crackers, in the midst of a particularly challenging mum life day. The way they can land on the doorstep with brie and bottle in hand, just as mums are about to resort to rocking the corner and letting the little lunatics take over the asylum … It’s uncanny and to be admired. And encouraged.

4. Aunties are better at taking kids to the park

It’s a little-known fact, but aunties are amazing at bundling kids into strollers and whizzing them out of their mum’s sight for a lovely turn on the swings. Mums realise just how skilled aunties are at park-going as they disappear around the corner with our excited offspring, and we get to take a proper full breath for the first time that day. Some amazingly skilled aunties even bring a couple of takeaway coffees back with the kids! Just wow.

5. Aunties are better at spookily predicting mums might need a thing

Aunties know. They make that phone call or send that text, just when the milk is low or the bank account is looking a bit tumbleweed-y. “Can I pick you up some bread or nappies on my way through?” they will ask helpfully. “Can I pitch in for my niece Delilah’s big girl bed?” It’s amazing how aunties anticipate these things before the idea is even formed in mums’ heads.

6. Aunties are better at bringing the washing in

Busy mums really do realise that the washing has been on the line for three days and is threatening to get soaked in the looming downpour/bird migration, but it’s AUNTS who are nimble and dexterous enough to swing by, spring out the back door and unpeg the heck out of it, like it’s nobody’s business! Go aunts!

Mother playing with girl in kitchen wearing superhero capes - feature

7. Aunties are better at dancing

Mums can see this for themselves by asking their partner to stay in with the kids and grabbing an aunt to take out to a party or club. Aunts not only know how to get dressed to go out to non-children-y places, they may even like ordering drinks with rude names as they shimmy their shoulders and bite their lower lip. Aunts have dance moves to easily rival the last routine you learned. (Not a tricky task, we admit, because that was The Macarena. No judgement.)

8. Aunties are better at treats

While mums are earnestly quitting sugar and ensuring their little ones are sustained with the healthy benefits of superfoods and bliss balls, aunts know that there are some things that only cake will fix. Nourishing is not always nurturing, as most aunts are quick to point out. They’ll helpfully remind you that sometimes, a piece of cheesecake or a giant tub of ice-cream are the best kind of medicine. Aunts provide much-needed, understanding perspective on a lot of other things too, it should be noted. (Your PARENTS, for instance!)

9. Aunties are better at playing Barbies or Lego for hours and hours and hours

There is scientific proof that we can’t seem to cite at the moment that aunts’ necks and brains have carefully evolved to make marathon chatty sessions of Lego and/or Barbies a total breeze. There’s also some evidence that this natural ability crosses over to Peppa Pig-viewing, Shopkins-playing and Minecraft-discussion, too. Aunts can play more attentively, do better voices and summon dialogue for dolls and block-ish characters for hours on end, making it look easy to those who don’t know any better. Inspiring, no?

Mother or aunt carrying toddler on shoulders outdoors

10. Aunties are better at championing

When you are deep in the trenches of parenthood and wondering if you’ll ever get things right, aunts have all the answers. Not only will they remind you of your beauty, strength, dorkiness and wonderful-ness. They’ll effortlessly flag all the things you get right, remind you of all the missteps you took when you were both kids, and point out that you survived and thrived, despite it all!

We raise our pretty drinks to all the aunties of the world. Long may they reign (and long may they take our children to the park so we can remember how to string grown-up words together again!)

Footnote: These things may apply to excellent uncles too. 



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