Secret babies: 7 celebrities who keep their kids hush-hush or low-key

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While lots of celebrities broadcast cute and candid moments with their kiddos on the reg (hello Khlo√© Kardashian!) there’s a bunch more publicity-shy mums and dads who keep their children hush-hush …

… or at the very least ultra low-key. Let’s take a look at their famous faces.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

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Back in 2014 fans discovered Eva was expecting quite late in the pregnancy, at the seven month mark. This uber-popular couple didn't confirm they'd had a baby, until after TMZ released their daughter Esmeralda's birth certificate. Eva's second pregnancy with Amada was a similar story, with the news kept under wraps until TMZ once again ran her birth certificate as confirmation. The pair still choose not to share too much about parenthood or their kiddos when interviewed.



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