Genius! 9 brilliant parenting hacks from celebrity mums and dads

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Perhaps you thought celebrities were all glam red carpet appearances and impossibly photoshopped thighs? You’ll be pleased to know there’s much more to the story.

Not only are lots of famous types toughing it out in the parenting trenches, they’re sharing super helpful tips on how to make mum and dad life MUCH less stressful …

9. Kristen Bell's car safety rule

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Geometry meets safety! Kristen's hand-on-the-circle hack combines road safety with a geometry lesson and we could not love it more.

“Hands on the circle!” The phrase we say as we jump out of the car. “Hands on the circle” (the circle is the gas cap) was invented by my brilliant sister-in-law, and has thus far kept all kids safe from any oncoming traffic while I unload the trunk. #momlife #momhacks #mom”

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