The Parent Panel podcast: politics, parenting and pop culture every Friday

The Parenting Podcast

Forget the office water cooler! Your kitchen sink or the bumper-to-bumper school run is where the important conversations happen – with a bit of help from The Parent Panel.

We’ve combined some funny and clever parents with the week’s news cycle to hatch the perfect podcast for mums and dads who love unpacking political commentary, pop culture and parenting dilemmas alike.

 “There’s nothing like this currently on air. It’s the kind of show parents can listen to after a week of kid wrangling, when they can relax and laugh with the panelists, and be part of the ‘village’,” Kinderling presenter Shevonne Hunt (mum of two, journalist and host of parenting show, Kinderling Conversation) explains.

Panelists include media personalities Kerri Sackville, Jacinta Tynan, and John Mangos; actors and children’s entertainers like Rachel Coopes, podcast aficionados like Holly Wainwright, and a taste of parenting expertise with father of six, Dr Justin Coulson.

“This idea is to bring a mum and a dad together every week, to get their thoughts on everything from the furor surrounding Barnaby Joyce’s ‘love child’, and lunchbox Nazis to whether or not co-sleeping with your child will stunt their growth.”

Listen to The Parent Panel below, on Kinderling’s free app or subscribe on iTunesStitcher or wherever you get your podcasts – or listen to the live recording every Friday at midday on Kinderling Radio.

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