9 truths about parenting a toddler while pregnant

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My first pregnancy was fairly breezy, apart from the usual niggles and annoyances that we all experience, but my second? Well, it was a slog. It was so much tougher than my first. The reason it was harder is that I was already a tired mum – and a mum of a cute but oh-so demanding toddler no less.

If you are also sporting a pregnant belly that you’re little love thinks is a giant speed bump for his toy cars to zoom over, then read on. While I can’t give you the sleep that you desperately need right now, you may find solace in someone else understanding your reality.

Here are nine truths that only pregnant mums who are also parenting a tot will understand.

1. You sound like a wrestler when doing nappy changes

Because of course, your toddler isn’t toilet trained! That alone would make this whole pregnancy thing and a baby on the way easier to cope with. But nope. He’s too little and so nappy changes involve heaving loudly while lifting your little one up onto a change table. That or moaning like you are in pain while reaching for a nappy when doing the stand-up change on your knees.  

Exhausted pregnant woman carrying toddler and shopping looks stressed

2. There’s no putting your feet up!

Remember when you were pregnant with your first and people would tell you to ‘put those poor swollen feet up’ and you did? Well, unless someone takes your toddler off your hands for a full day and then sends around some housecleaning fairies, so you don’t use the rare kid-free time to clean up, you will likely be on the floor building a train track for the 10th time that morning.

3. Toys on the floor are trolling you

Same with your toddler’s discarded Vegemite sandwich quarter that he dropped. In fact, ANYTHING that requires you to bend down and pick it up is just messing with you right now. So. Much. Effort

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4. You can not move fast enough

Toddlers are wayward and unpredictable, which means you need to be fast to catch yours when he makes a bolt for it at the outdoor cafe. The problem is, when pregnant you feel like you are running in a sumo suit, and your legs just can’t move fast enough. He gets to the dog’s drinking bowl before you can stop him from taking a slurp.  

5. You fall asleep with your toddler

You curl up on his bed for story time, but after reading Where is the green sheep five times over, your lids also start to close. You are so stupidly tired from being pregnant AND mumming. So when you wake up at 11pm, you realise it’s your toddler snoring next to you, not your husband.

Oh, and if you do crawl back to your bed, you won’t even bother putting a pillow between your legs. You know soon enough that your little one will bed hop and take up all the remaining room.

6. Your toddler has zero sympathy for you 

He will DEMAND a banana the second you’ve collapsed on the couch and are not sure how you’ll get back up. He’ll also beg you to climb the climbing frame with him at the park, even though you can barely fit behind the steering wheel of your car. And he will giggle at you when you vomit in the loo, because he has no idea why you are retching and making that funny noise.

7. Your pregnancy diet will consist of eating his scraps

With your first pregnancy, you were so careful to eat well and nourish your baby with good food. This one, however, has a diet of leftover fish fingers, uneaten jam sandwiches and discarded bananas. You would rather devour them yourself than toss ‘good food’ in the bin when cleaning up after your toddler. No wonder you feel so deflated of energy!

8. You and your toddler will meltdown together

While he is throwing a tantrum over you turning off Peppa Pig, you are sobbing over the love heart he drew for you at kindy. You are both emotional wrecks right now. 

9. You worry you won’t love your baby on the way enough 

That little cute bundle of energy who pushes all of your buttons and makes this pregnancy feel ten times harder than he was, is your world. You love him more than you even knew you could. And so, when you have a millisecond to contemplate how life will be when his baby sibling is here, you worry that you may not love the baby enough. I mean, how is it even possible to love like THAT again?

But don’t worry, you will. Your heart will stretch, believe it or not. And soon your toddler will meet his best friend (he’s probably already tried to find him by lifting up your skirt!). Until then, enjoy the one-on-one time with just him.   


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