10 things your kids really don’t need (so you can stop with the guilts!)

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The expectations on modern mothers are insane, and I for one have had enough of it.

Something’s got to give, you know? 

I don’t remember my mum having to pack me nutritionally-sound bento lunches, or ‘bounce back’ to her pre-baby body. There were no Insta-perfect families to look at before she’d even had her morning coffee, and when she got home from work, she was home — not working. Personal trainers were for rich people, and kids played with other kids. Remember? Adults who played with kids were weird. And don’t even get me started on eyebrows.

Now, I’m not going to get all ‘we didn’t have so-and-so and we were fine’. That is not my jam. Change, technology and overall community evolution are my true loves, AND bento boxes, I bloody love bento boxes. But something’s got to give, you know? Here’s my list of things that I have come to realise that kids don’t really need.


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