40 reasons ‘Mum’ is the greatest title ever

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They say your school days are the best of your life. I disagree. There is no better stage than parenthood. Yes, it’s tiring and often thankless, but it comes with so many amazing moments every day. Here are 40 reasons why being a mum is the greatest thing in the world, just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day.


  1. You have the coolest super power ever – you can grow a human being.
  2. As your child grows older, you discover additional hidden talents such as scaring away monsters, fixing boo-boos and putting children to sleep with your touch.
  3. You get to spend each and every day with someone who absolutely adores you.
  4. Morning cuddles in bed – ’nuff said.
  5. You become the master of multitasking.
  6. Strangers at the shops smile at you. Well, normally it’s at your baby, but sometimes they glance up at you too.
  7. You can wear your hair in a bun all the time… and no one assumes you’re a ballerina.
  8. Time slows down and you stop to appreciate the small things, like crusts eaten on sandwiches.
  9. You completely understand what ‘unconditional love’ entails.
  10. You also realise that it is completely possible to function on very little sleep.
  11. You get to buy (and then play with) all the Lego you want and there’s no judgement because “it’s for the kids”.
  12. You can glue cotton wool to a paper plate and call it a bunny and the kids think you’ve missed your Play School calling.
  13. You get to revisit all your favourite childhood books and movies.
  14. You finally understand why your parents were so protective of you.
  15. You can make pancakes for dinner three days in a row and nobody complains.
  16. You have a legitimate reason to wear flat shoes. And active wear. Chasing after a toddler requires yoga pants, ok?
  17. You get the best car parks at the shops.
  18. Your fridge is always decorated with fabulous artwork. And the walls and the floors…
  19. You get to experience the world through your child’s eyes.
  20. Your children’s kisses will always cheer you up.
  21. You get to create animals out of play dough again.
  22. You get to believe in Santa. And the Easter Bunny. And fairies.
  23. You can skip the queue and use the parents’ room.
  24. Nobody will question you drinking wine in the afternoon, ever.
  25. You have a legitimate excuse to look tired, all the time.
  26. Pushing a pram in a shopping centre is like the parting of the sea – people just naturally get out of your way.
  27. When your little one does something that reminds you so much of yourself, even when it’s something naughty, you can’t help but smile.
  28. You discover just how much you know (and don’t know) when your child asks you 100 questions a day.
  29. Your pantry is always full of left over lolly bag remnants if you are ever in need of a sugar fix (or you want a balloon).
  30. You have a great excuse to get out of social events you don’t want to attend (my child is sick/teething/in the time out corner).
  31. Someone actually wants to listen to you sing.
  32. You win every argument with your partner by ending it with “I gave birth”. End of story.
  33. You get the chance to perfect your negotiating skills.
  34. You always have “help” for any chore.
  35. You never have to shower alone again.
  36. You have a great excuse to keep Nutella in the pantry.
  37. You get to watch the sun rise. And sometimes you get the luxury of staying up all night.
  38. The laughter – every single day you have you have little people who make you laugh with their comments and questions.
  39. You have a best friend for life.
  40. And finally, no matter how you spell it, Mum is the easiest name in the world to pronounce.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our awesome Babyologists. We wish you a day of kisses and cuddles and a lifetime of perfect and imperfect moments in motherhood.


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