What is your age in ‘mummy’ years?

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Okay mums – let’s have some fun shall we? We’ve created a ‘true mummy’ age calculator that takes into account not how many birthdays you have celebrated, but what your age should be based on the experiences you’ve endured as a parent.

Because, let’s face it – parenting speeds time up. Immensely.

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So what is your ‘mummy age’? Find out with this simple equation.

  • Step One: Start with your real age.
  • Step Two: add the number of kids (+2 for any children under the age of one. +5 for any teenagers).
  • Step Three: add the number of times you heated up your coffee in the microwave today.
  • Step Four: add the number of times your children complained they were “bored” or “hungry” today.
  • Step Five: subtract the number of hours you slept last night.
  • Step Six: add the number of uneaten breakfasts you made this morning.
  • Step Seven: add the number of times you told your kids to pick up their toys today.
  • Step Eight: add the number of outfit changes your children requested today.
  • Step Nine: add the number of pieces of fruit you found rotting in the bottoms of the kids’ lunch boxes this afternoon.
  • Step 10: add the number of loads of washing you did today.
  • Strp 11: add the number of nappy changes so far today.
  • Step 12: add the number of naps your child refused to take today.
  • Step 13: subtract the number of kisses you received today.

This is your real mummy age.

How close did we get?


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