10 small but vital things to do before baby arrives

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Motherhood is hands down the best thing to ever happen to me. I love it. I feel it’s what I was born to do, but sometimes, I also miss my pre-baby life. Ah, that carefree time before my day was structured around sleep schedules was actually pretty bliss.

Here are 10 little things I think every mum-to-be should do before her life changes – in the best possible way.

1. Go see a movie!

I guarantee it’s going to be a long while before you’re sitting with a choc top watching the latest chick flick. It’s not just that you’ll be too exhausted to go out, it’s also for a period of time at least, your world will shrink to the size of your itty-bitty baby (and believe me this is lovely!) – and you won’t have a clue what’s on! See as many movies as you want to see now. This will soon become a missed pre-baby pastime.

2. Order a second coffee

Pre-baby me always had time for a second coffee. In fact pre-baby me also enjoyed long breakfasts and cafe hangs. Post-baby me, however, is wrangling my toddler and preschooler as I frantically order a takeaway to take to the playground. You get the picture. Order the second coffee while you can.

3. Paint that door, fix the dripping tap

If you have any home renos you’d like done, I advise you do them before your bundle of love arrives. Before taking maternity leave I wanted to paint our bathroom. Great! I thought. This can be a  job I’ll do when I have all that time off from work. Er, it’s called ‘maternity leave’ for a reason, sweetie! The bathroom still hasn’t been painted four years on. The takeaway here is that babies are adorable time sappers.

4. Accessorise like you’re Madonna

Right now your cutest accessory will be your growing baby bump (yay!), but it’s going to be a long time before you wear those other loved adornments in your jewellery box. Earrings, or anything that dangles off you, is like a red flag to a bull for babies. If you are like me, the very thought of your ear splitting from a pulled earring may just turn you off them until your child is a teenager. Oh, and beads are a choking hazard, so you may want to give yours a last wear before they’re placed on the ‘out of reach’ shelf.

5. Enjoy long uninterrupted conversations

Although your baby won’t start talking for at least a year, she’ll certainly know how to interrupt your phone calls and trains of thought. Enjoy long conversations with friends now before the baby brain sets in.

6. Go for a stroll alone

It’s a little thing, but these days I love dashing out of the house to get milk while my husband stays at home with our boys. It’s 15 minutes of me-time. 15 minutes of no-one tugging at me. 15 minutes of silence. Before that baby comes, enjoy some solitude. Go for a walk by yourself in the fresh early evening and enjoy being alone in your thoughts.

7. Fall asleep reading a book in bed

Ah, now this one I really miss. Once upon a time I’d curl up in bed and read until I drifted off into an uninterrupted night’s sleep. If you are also a reader, you might want to indulge in as much bookworm time as you can now. I don’t know when you’ll choose reading over sleep again.

8. Dress up for work

Right now you may be secretly looking forward to mat-leave and getting to hang out in your PJs all day, but there will come a time when you miss getting dressed up for work and having a reason to look nice. Sure your baby won’t care about your greasy mum-bun, but you might after a while.

9. Have lots of long showers

Oh to stand under the trickle of hot water for an unlimited time! Yes, long showers are a pre-baby luxury, so indulge in as many of them as you can now. The warm water will also be soothing on your poor preggy back. Nowadays shower time is a quick in-and-out job for me with the bathroom door open, just so I can hear my boys fighting over who has the green truck from the other room.

10. Do what you like, when you like

Enjoy being being able to dash out of the house at the drop of a hat. Soon, outings will be precisely timed around sleep needs, or your life won’t be worth living. Then there’s the dressing of littlies and the packing of the nappy bag rigmarole. Sigh, my days of whisking out the door are long gone.

BUT as much as I miss all of the above, and I probably miss sleep the most, I can tell you that this bub is going to be the best thing to ever happen to you. And you’ll be back wearing earrings again someday!


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