Take note! The most common choking hazards in your home

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When my eldest son was a baby, I used to sit him in a shopping trolley and feed him grapes while whizzing through the supermarket aisles. He was so happy and I was secretly high-fiving myself for finding something that kept him so content while shopping. This was until an old lady at the checkout gently said to me, “Darling, you’re feeding your baby grapes. Grapes! He could choke.”

Now ordinarily I wouldn’t appreciate the advice from well-meaning strangers, but a choking risk is something that needs to be listened to. Needless to say, I ripped the grape my son was about to pop into his mouth from him and there were lots of screams. But at least he didn’t choke!  

Now this post isn’t meant to alarm anyone, rather it’s a little FYI, so you can also add these to your mental, ‘Don’t let my baby get his chubby little mitts on that,’ list.

Here are some of the most common choking hazards lurking in your home.

Oh and for the record, if you slice grapes length-ways you remove the choking hazard. 


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Did you know your baby's windpipe is only the size of a drinking straw? As such, it's a good idea to cut, crush or puree blueberries and other small fruits for him.


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