10 things you should never do while pregnant (and it’s not what you’d expect)

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Sure, you know you shouldn’t eat raw fish, drink alcohol or indulge in soft cheeses, but what else makes the list? These things may not be included in your pregnancy manual, but they really should be!

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life but it is also filled with a lot of do’s and don’ts. In fact, it can be hard to keep track of what to eat, what to drink, what to avoid, how to sleep and how to exercise. We’re not here to tell you to eliminate soft serve ice cream from your diet or to sleep on your side. Rather, we thought we’d give you a more practical guide to what to avoid when pregnant.

So here are 10 things never to do while pregnant, Babyology style:

1. Watch any Huggies commercial without a box of tissues beside you

Actually, this holds true for any commercial featuring a pregnant woman, a baby or a child. Or a dog. Or anything cute or furry. Or any commercial that uses sad music. Because your emotions will run away with you, especially during those first few months, and you will end up a blubbery mess. This one below got me every time.

And don’t even try watching any sad movies. Marley and Me is off the table for the next nine months.

2. Jump up and down

Because you will pee.

3. Walk into Baby Bunting just to look

Because you will want to buy buy buy! And before you know it, the spare room which will soon be the baby’s nursery, will look like your own personal baby goods store. When shopping for baby, bring money. You know, just in case.

4. Try to paint your toe nails in the final month

Unless you are a gymnast, it’s most likely going to result in a position that will require assistance to get out of. But do take advantage of your partner’s ability to see your feet with perfect clarity! You may be surprised how good he is at pedicures.


5. Expect to arrive early ever again

Because once baby brain kicks in, you need to allocate an extra five minutes each morning to finding your keys that may or may not have been left in the bathtub.

And it’s also a good idea to allocate an additional thirty minutes to pee an extra twelve times an hour.

Double this if you drink coffee.

6. Lay on your back (and expect to get up without looking like a overturned turtle)

It’s best to invest in a friend or family member to act as your personal forklift when laying on the floor or ground during those final weeks. You can get up on your own… but it takes a lot of rolling and there is a high risk of getting stuck.

pregnant woman lying on back outside on a blanket

7. Buy a single serving of dessert

You’re eating for two now. Skip the single servings and go with the whole cake! You deserve it – growing a human is hard work!

woman sitting at a kitchen bench eating sweets and desserts

8. Purchase a bra based on your ‘current size’

While this isn’t true for all women, most will continue to grow… and grow.. and grow in the bustier area as their belly expands. And just when you think they can’t get any bigger, in comes the milk. Buy a few maternity bras while pregnant and save some money for after bub is born. You never know far along the alphabet you will need to go.

9. Include unnatural props in your pregnancy photo shoot

Okay, so when having your professional belly shots done, some props are elegant and beautiful. And we are all for creative pregnancy photography using body paint and family members. But maybe steer clear of the liquor bottles and hand guns?

bad pregnancy photo shoots

10. Make important plans during the final two weeks of your pregnancy

Because, odds are, you will go into labour about ten minutes before you’re due at the event. If you do want to go into labour, then all you need to do is plan something really important and the law of pregnancy states that this will be the time your baby decides to make an entrance. Or book an overseas holiday. That often works too. Check out this mother’s Bali Babymoon baby surprise.

Any of these things ring true for your pregnancy?

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