Ouch! Carrie Bickmore shares pregnancy update that many mums can relate to

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Heavily pregnant Carrie Bickmore is clearly feeling the aches and pains that come with growing a baby, recently revealing on Instagram her latest fashion accessory: a pregnancy pelvic brace! And instantly mums everywhere can sympathise. 

A bumpy ride

Although pregnancy is amazing, it really does put your body through the wringer. Morning sickness, constipation, heartburn, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, restless legs – the list of symptoms and conditions is endless! And one that’s been affecting The Project host Carrie Bickmore lately is chronic pelvic and back pain, according to a recent photo of her beautiful bump – complete with a new support brace – which she shared on Instagram. 

“Now adding a sexy pregnancy pelvis brace to my outfit…fashionista ? #pelvispain #backpain#everythinghurts” captioned the TV star, who’s already a mum to ten-year-old son Ollie, and daughter Evie who is three.

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Now adding a sexy pregnancy pelvis brace to my outfit…fashionista ? #pelvispain #backpain #everythinghurts

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A common problem

Pelvis and back pain is very common during pregnancy, so it’s no wonder her post has been liked almost 30,000 times with many mums sharing their own experiences in the comments.

“I’m hearing you, gal! Almost 30 weeks and feel like my back and ribs are breaking,” one fan commented.

Another wrote: “I had that with my second child. I had to get up every couple of hours at night because it hurt so much in bed.”

Also known as pelvic girdle pain, it affects about one in five expecting women and can be any pain felt in the pelvis, lower back, hips, pubic bones and sometimes even the legs and feet. The pain generally occurs in the second and third trimesters and can appear while performing daily activities such as getting out of the car, walking up stairs or turning over in bed. 


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Brace yourselves

One thing that can help with pelvic girdle pain, however, is a pregnancy support brace, as seen on Carrie. Not a new concept at all, women, who are expecting or have recently given birth, have been wearing pregnancy bands in various cultures for many years now. Not only do they support the tummy and pelvis, to help with pain, but they can also reduce diastasis recti (stomach muscle separation), stretch marks, and help you recover faster post-birth.

Belly Bands

Image credit: Belly Bands

Banding together

There are many pregnancy pelvis braces, belts and bands out there to choose from. Most are quite similar and look like a large stretchy band that you place around you, such as the one pictured above from Belly Bands. However, there are others which are a bit fancier and more expensive, so if your pain is quite severe, you might want to chat with your doctor about which one to get. 

Other tips for pelvic pain

A pelvis brace isn’t the only thing that can help with pelvic girdle pain either. Exercise such as pregnancy pilates can help with symptoms, and here are a few other handy tips:

  • When standing, place weight evenly over both legs
  • Place a rolled-up towel behind the curve of your back when sitting and put your feet on a small stool
  • Sleep with a pillow between your legs to keep your knees open
  • Avoid heavy lifting and tasks such as vacuuming
  • Take small steps when walking
  • Use a heat pack behind your back to ease the pain

We hope Carrie finds some relief from her aches and pains.

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