Chris Hemsworth’s preschooler went to hospital (and his mum had big feels!)

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Any parent who’s headed off to hospital with an injured or unwell child will relate to mum-of-three Elsa Patacky’s recent experience. Sob!

‘Hurt Kid Feels’

The fear and stress parents go through when their children are dealing with health challenges is almost as hard to deal with as what their kiddo’s dealing with. Ask any parent!

Last week keen Hemsworth fans spotted one of Thor’s sons with a cast on his arm, and now his wife Elsa has shared a little more about those relatable Hurt Kid Feels.

“Nobody tells you how much it hurts when your kids get hurt,” Elsa posted on Instagram with the hashtags #comingoutofhospital #bravelikedaddy#dontlookatme 

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“It hurts like nothing else”

We know exactly what she means when she talks about this second-hand pain.

The stress of a child in agony, coupled with the overthinking and hyper-vigilant mind of a worried parent is a complicated and emotional cocktail.

Just thinking about it makes us want to lie down!

Lots of other parents knew instantly how Elsa was feeling and chimed in on social media with their own experiences.

“Wishing the little man a speedy recovery. It is hard seeing your kids hurt or sick,” one Instagrammer posted.

“I’ve seen my daughter in a hospital bed getting a cast on her leg. Terrifying. But they bounce back,” another reassured.

“It hurts like nothing else. Our heart now walks around on the outside of our bodies forever more. Hope your little man is ok,” someone else well-wished.

Baby Thor strikes again?

Chris and Elsa are parents to a six-year-old daughter named India, and four-year-old twin boys, Tristan and Sasha – and it’s the second POSSIBLY broken bone that they’ve dealt with in the last couple of years. (One of their sons leapt out of a moving golf cart and broke his femur late last year.)

It’s not clear which of the couple’s twin boys broke a bone in his arm, but what is clear is that these sweet kids take a leaf out of their dad’s book in the rough-and-tumble stakes. The pair’s boys have often been captured busting out some (possibly) superhero inspired moves, so this (very common childhood) injury is no surprise!

Wishing the speediest recovery to this little Hemsworth – and a drama-free week to his mum.


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