6 thoughts all mums have when they catch their kids with itchy heads

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Caught your children scratching their heads lately? Much like the five stages of grief (except with so many more stages) here are just a selection of the thoughts that go through my head whenever I see my children scratching. Perhaps you can relate …

1. Again?? Didn’t we just do this last week??

It’s been so windy lately. Maybe she just has a dry, itchy scalp? Or perhaps she’s developing one of those unfortunate childhood tics where you do the same thing over and over – and hers is scratching! Surely she can’t have head lice AGAIN.

2. What do they even do at that school/daycare/random friend’s house?

I know that lice can’t jump. So how did she get them AGAIN? What is going on at that school? Do they all just spend the day swapping hats and hairbrushes and rolling around on the floor rubbing their heads together?

3. Why are nit combs so expensive?

I need a separate savings account just to pay for the nit combs we are using in this house. Seriously – forget blue chip stocks. I should have bought shares in head lice shampoo. I could be a millionaire by now.

4. Why did I have so many children?

Spoiler: I only have three. And I mean, I love them. But that’s three times as many hours looking through hair than it would have been if we’d settled for an only child. Or a dog.

5. This conditioner and combing method is for the birds

Using the conditioner-only method is like the head lice version of Russian Roulette. It can seem like it’s all be going well, but you only have to miss ONE TINY EGG and the whole thing starts all over again. I’m done with that. If I’m going to sit and lather them up again, I’m doing it with something like Hedrin, that works in 15 minutes and kills everything without me needing to comb it all out. It even comes in a spray!

6. Actually, this might be why I don’t have a postgraduate degree

Maybe it’s not really my fault that I spend all my downtime eating chocolate in front of the tv! Imagine if I could tally up the hours I’ve spent on head lice management and channel it into something useful for society. So, THIS is the hidden reason why I’m not more accomplished!

(This is a sponsored post for Hedrin)


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