11 easy ways to boost your baby’s immunity

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If your baby is always getting sick, then you may take some comfort in knowing it’s normal for babies to catch between eight and ten colds in their first year of life. As their little immune system builds up, babies are vulnerable to getting sick – and (sorry to say!), this is an inevitable rite of baby passage. While you are certainly not the only mum dealing with a clingy baby in the middle of the night, you can give her a helping hand in fending off the bugs quicker. 

Check out these 11 immunity boosters.

11. Ditch the antibacterial products

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Society's obsession with antibacterial soaps, cleaners and wipes are actually working against us by lowering our resistance to diseases. Do your baby's immune system a favour and forget these household products. Most colds and flus are viral anyway, not bacterial.


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