Forget mummy wine time! 12 stress-busting foods to help take the edge off

I used to be the habit of pouring myself a glass of white wine around 5pm every day. I needed to take the edge off from wrangling my kids all day. It was medicinal I told myself, well, that was until an actual doctor instructed me to cut out alcohol altogether.

Noooo, I need my mummy wine time! I remember thinking as he delivered the devastating news.

Well it turns out I didn’t. After changing my diet I began to feel more mellow and able to cope with the stress of motherhood. 

If you also find yourself stress eating (hello Tim Tams) or pouring yourself a glass of vino to unwind, try tweaking your diet. These stress-busting foods may make all the difference.

1. Dark chocolate

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Yay, you can still eat chocolate when stressed! In fact a square of dark chocolate may actually lower the levels of stress hormones in your body. Chocolate also contains mood-improving serotonin. All good things in moderation though as chocolate does contain sugar. Try pairing it with herbal tea instead of coffee.

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