WIN a Vicks feel-better-baby winter snuggle pack worth $440

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Our sweet babies can be unsettled enough throughout the night without adding coughs, colds and flu to the mix. As we head into winter, it pays to arm ourselves with whatever it takes to get through. 

It can be so distressing to see your child at the mercy of a winter lurgy and feel powerless to help. Which is why we’ve put together this feel-better-baby snuggle pack, valued at more than $440. We’ve filled it with three things we know will help soothe your unsettled baby and help them get some much-needed rest. We particularly love the Vicks Vaporizer and Inhalant which uses gentle steam to soothe your baby’s cold and flu symptoms and help the whole family get a better night’s sleep.

Vicks vaporiser and inhalant


Vicks Vaporizer and Inhalant

Soothe the symptoms of your baby’s cold, flu, bronchitis and croup with gentle, natural, warm steam. To help ease congestion, the Vicks Vaporizer runs for up to 14 hours overnight, so the whole family gets a better sleep.  The prize also includes Vicks VapoSteam Inhalant for comforting and soothing eucalyptus vapours.

Nightlight room thermometer

Part nightlight, part room thermometer, the unit produces a soft yellow glow so you can easily check on your baby and their room temperature, without disturbing their sleep.

Voice-controlled Smart Speaker

Nothing soothes an unsettled child like calming music. Set a smart speaker up in the nursery to play gentle music overnight and you’ll hopefully have a more settle sleeper.

Vicks Baby Snuggle pack competition

What can I win?

  • Vicks Vaporizer & Inhalant – valued at $85.44 
  • Gro Egg 2 – valued at $59.95 
  • Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker – valued at $299

Total prize value is $444.39.

How do I enter?

It’s easy! Just fill out the entry form below to claim your entries.

Vicks feel-better-baby winter snuggle pack giveaway



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