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We all know that babies and children are susceptible to every little bug going past when they’re young. Whether it’s just a snuffly nose, an ear ache or something a bit more serious, no parent wants to see their little one become miserable and mopey without knowing quite what to do to make them feel better.

Which is why we should all have a basic ‘new mum kit’ that’s got the essentials all in one place – and nothing is more essential than a high quality thermometer that’s super easy to use. Which is why we’re so in love with Braun’s ThermoScan 7 ear thermometer,  as well as their Touchless + Forehead thermometer that are part of our baby gift pack worth over $470.

Braun ThermoScan 7

From Australia’s number 1 ear thermometer brand, the ThermoScan 7 comes with amazing AgeSmart™ technology built in. Just select the appropriate age setting for your child and take their temperature and the ThermoScan 7 will give you a fever definition is adjusted for child’s age. 

The ThermoScan 7 also has a handy colour-coded display that takes the guess work out of interpreting temperature for the entire family. A green screen suggests no fever, a yellow screen suggests moderate fever, and red signals high fever – which is just perfect for the weary parent caring for a sick child in the middle of the night.

On top of that, this nifty ear thermometer has a pre-warmed tip for more accurate readings, a night light and storage cradle, as well as memory recall – all features that make using the ThermoScan as simple as it can be.

Braun Touchless + Forehead thermometer

If you’re looking for a thermometer that multi-tasks, then this is the thermometer for you! It’s the first-ever thermometer with dual technology: ‘Touch’ or ‘Touchless’ mode which means you can get quick and easy instant readings instantly. On top of that, it has 3 modes – Forehead, Object or Liquid, so you can measure the temperature of food or bath water as well as your little one’s body temperature.

The Touchless + Forehead thermometer also includes Braun’s AgeSmart™ technology, which lets you select the most appropriate age setting for your child for a more accurate temperature reading. 

Baby gift card

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