We road-tested (and love) the Dyson v11 Absolute – and we’ve got 3 to giveaway!

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Being a mum of two very energetic and craft-loving little girls – plus two fur babies for added fun – makes keeping the house clean and tidy a daily challenge. Getting toys packed away, laundry folded and floors cleaned are the basics I try to keep on top of each day, but to be honest, most of the time I feel like I am running uphill over sand dunes.

So you can only imagine the excitement I felt when I was asked to review the Dyson v11 Absolute cordless vacuum

I’ve been a very happy owner of the Dyson v6 but have heard so many great things about the Dyson v11 (can you tell I’m a Dyson fan?!) so I couldn’t contain my excitement when I got the opportunity to road test all the upgrades the v11 has to offer!

Boost me up

My life is full of glitter – remember those two craft-loving girls? – and as magical as that may sound, life can feel a whole lot less glittery when you discover it in the carpet and all over the kitchen tiles. So I got a chance to check out the suction pretty quickly.

With 20 percent more suction than previous models, the Dyson v11 made really short work of all that sneaky glitter. With a couple of quick glides, even in my textured carpet which I usually really have to put some muscle power behind, was glitter-free. It was like a small miracle.

Dyson vacuum cleaner features

And when it comes to power, there are not one, not two, but THREE different power modes, allowing the user a more targeted way of cleaning.

Boost Mode

Perfect when trying to get glitter and pet hair off the carpets and lounges. Oh! And sand! You know when you take your child’s shoes off and suddenly find half the sandpit on your lounge? Put your Dyson on Boost mode and all that sand quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Eco Mode

This is exactly what you want to use to conserve power for those days when you are planning to give the whole house a going-over.

Auto Mode

This mode has the smarts to sense what type of floor you are vacuuming and auto adjusts the suction to match. This way you don’t need to change cleaning heads or change modes – so clever.

All the power without the noise

With all this power, you might be thinking that there is going be an impressive amount of noise to go along with it. But no! The Dyson v11 is acoustically engineered and built with materials that absorb vibrations to reduce noise volume, so it’s much quieter than you might expect. My girls actually commented on how lovely and quiet it was – and excellent news for them because it didn’t get in the way of their TV viewing. #winning

But wait, there’s so much more …

So the Dyson v11 Absolute is a winner in my books already with its incredible suction and power options. But there’s even more to love about this small but mighty vacuum cleaner:

  • It’s really, really easy to empty – all you need to do is ‘point and shoot’ at the bin and the once-full vacuum empties out directly into the bin without any mess or fuss.
  • It tells you how much battery life you have left in different modes, which is super handy when you’re really getting stuck into the cleaning.
  • There is a tool or accessory for every job you can imagine – I actually cleaned all the skirting boards in our house using the perfect little accessory made for the job. It was so easy to use and I felt so virtuous after I finished.

It’s the little things in life that can give a lot of joy, and having a clean (ish) and tidy (ish) house at the end of each day brings me joy. And the zippy new Dyson v11 Absolute cordless vacuum has made achieving this state of grace possible – even if it’s just for a few precious minutes before the craft box comes out again!

We have 3 Dyson v11 Absolute cordless vacuums to giveaway

And in even more exciting news, our friends at Bing Lee are offering THREE amazing  Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless vacuum cleaners to giveaway. Worth $1199, each comes with all the tools and accessories to make quick work of even the most fiddly vacuuming jobs. 

I want to win one! How do I enter?

It’s easy! Just fill out our entry form for your chance to win.

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