Mmmmm … yummy! Win a Westinghouse Multifunction Oven valued at $1,995

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Have you ever had dreams of being a baking whiz in the kitchen? Being able to put a tray of home-baked goodness on the kitchen bench for the kids’ afternoon tea? Yeah, we have too.

While it’s all very well to have domestic goddess fantasies, if you have a hopeless oven that lets you down every time you get inspired, you learn very quickly to put those cookbooks away to save yourself the disappointment of watching your cookies turn into a sad pancakes.

So how much of a game-changer would it be if you got yourself a brand new oven that could do all the things you wanted it to – plus even more?

Excitingly, our friends at Bing Lee have offered us a brand new Westinghouse pyrolytic multifunction oven to give away. Worth $1,995, this is an oven that comes with all the bells and whistles and will have you turning out fancy baked goods in no time at all!

The Westinghouse Pyrolytic Oven with AirFry and Steam Assist Cooking

Part of the new Aspire range of kitchen appliances, this 60cm dark stainless steel oven can take pride of place in any kitchen. With a range of impressive features and functions, you will wonder how you ever survived without it. Features include:


When a food craving hits, make healthier and delicious food right in your oven. Deliver all the flavour and none of the guilt. AirFry allows you to make healthier, tasty meals for the entire family without the need for an extra appliance taking up room on your benchtop. This is the first oven range with AirFry.

Steam Assist Cooking

Bring out natural flavours and goodness with the versatile steam functions. Steam Assist Cooking is ideal for meat. poultry and fish, ensuring an even cook from centre to surface with a crisp, golden finish.


Even cleaning up is easier with Westinghouse. Choose a PyroClean oven and with the press of a button, you can keep your oven shiny and clean. The oven turns on to an extremely high temperature, turning grease and grime into ash. All you need to do is simply wipe the residue away. No nasty chemicals, no greasy mess – just a sparkling clean oven with minimal effort.

Cooler-to-touch oven door

Beautifully designed with families in mind, the multi-layer glazing of the oven doors are cooler to the touch when the oven is hot. 

Roomy interior

With room for the family roast or a delicious dessert, the 80L capacity in the 60cm oven range gives you all the space you need to make every mealtime easy and full of flavour.

Enter now!

All this could be yours, if you enter our competition now!

Win a Westinghouse multifunction oven


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