An oven that cleans itself? Yes! WIN a $1,099 Westinghouse Multifunction oven

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Have you ever thought to yourself: I wish this oven would just clean itself?

Believe it or not, this wish can become reality with a pyrolytic oven like the Westinghouse 60cm Multifunction 10 stainless steel oven with PyroClean

An oven that cleans itself? It’s true!

The Westinghouse 60cm Multifunction 10 stainless steel oven cleans itself with minimal effort from you. No more scrubbing. No more burning grease smells from leftover fat splatters when you cook your next meal.

easy to clean oven

How it works 

When you’re cooking, meat juices splatter and grease and grime build up on the oven walls, ceiling and doors. This grime sets – and cleaning it off means lots of scrubbing, usually with caustic oven products. But with PyroClean you can simply press a button and the oven heats up to an extremely high temperature that turns the grease and grime into ash. Then all you have to do is wipe the the residue away and your oven is shiny and clean again!

During a Pyrolytic cleaning cycle, the door will automatically lock when the temperature in the oven approaches 300˚C. Brilliant. 

westinghouse oven in kitchen

Fast heat up – perfect for family meals

You can also ensure meal times run more smoothly and your hungry family won’t be kept waiting with an oven that has fast heat up. The Westinghouse 60cm Multifunction oven also has an 80L gross capacity, 10 cooking functions, a programmable timer, two shelves with easy guide side racks (no fiddly pulling in and out), lighting so you can keep an eye on your meal, as well as the PyroClean feature. 

Multi-layer glazed oven doors

Designed with Australian family safety in mind, the Westinghouse 60cm Multifunction oven features multi-layer glazing so the doors are cooler to the touch when the oven is hot, as well as a nifty safety child lock feature.

The oven with everything!

Thanks to Bing Lee, you can win your very own Westinghouse 60cm Multifunction oven! Ready to take the elbow grease out of cooking clean-ups? Just pop your details in here and cross your fingers!

 WIN! Westinghouse Multifunction oven worth $1,099


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