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Lucky Boy Sunday – incredible soft toys, rugs & blankets for the nursery


When is a soft toy not just a soft toy? When it straddles the worlds of adults and children, the everyday and the unusual and brings an poetic, artistic sensibility to a child’s room; that’s when. Read More »

Boy makes replica Titanic with 30,000 Lego bricks

Titanic One
It took 30,000 bricks and infinite dedication for one clever child to create this amazing replica of the Titanic out of Lego. Come and have a look at how he did it and how long it took to complete the task.

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Photographer brilliantly brings Lego minifigs to life


Who knew those curious little minifigs get up to so much mischief? Come and take a look at the brilliant photos this French photographer takes of Lego figurines getting up to all sorts of weird and wonderful adventures.

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Etsy find of the day – DIY wooden tea set


Pretend tea parties are much more fun when you’ve made the tea set yourself. Made from birch plywood, the set comes in a pretty box with paints and paint brushes. $26 from Tsypa.

Swing low, sweet babies with the Solvej baby and toddler swing


As soon as your baby is old enough to learn the joys of swinging, it fast becomes their favourite pastime, with frantic gesturing to the swing-set every time that you walk past the playground. Imagine if the miraculous toddler-calming effects of swinging could happen at home so there was no need to even go to the park? Imagine no more, we have it.

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