1. Honey soy chicken recipe

    Looking for dinner inspiration of the kind you know the kids will eat, is budget friendly and tastes finger licking good? Our recipe for honey soy chicken is the answer!

  2. Sesame snaps snack recipe

    Oh, sweet tasty sesame snaps, how I love you. This more-ish snack for the adults has quickly became a crunchy snack favoured by the kids in our home. Here’s how easy it is to make these lip-smacking good snacks yourself!

  3. Family favourite quiche Lorraine recipe

    My favourite Lorraine, is quiche Lorraine. It’s both super easy and super delicious in all its rich flaky pastry glory – but there’s no judging if you want to cut corners and use frozen pastry sheets – it’s just as delicious!

  4. Chocolate and zucchini cake recipe

    Anyone who grows their own zucchinis – or is the neighbour of someone who does – knows there’s a time when you’re inundated with the green skinned suckers. With that in mind, tuck this wonderful cake recipe into the repertoire – it’ll not only use

  5. Weet-Bix chocolate slice recipe

    More than just a hearty breakfast cereal, Weet-Bix can also be used for baking – who would have thought!? Come on through and see just how you can pack some healthy iron into a lunch box chocolate slice treat.

  6. 3-ingredient Vegemite cheese twists recipe

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much my kids love puff pastry, so I know these flaky, cheesy lunch box treats will be gobbled up in no time. Three ingredients is all you need and they’re so easy, the kids can even get

  7. Cinnamon tea cake recipe

    Late notice afternoon tea guests and no time to bake and ice a cake? Not a problem with a cinnamon tea cake. Albeit a bit rustic to look at, it’s quick to make and bake, smells just like a doughnut and here’s the best bit


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