1. Cinnamon tea cake recipe

    Late notice afternoon tea guests and no time to bake and ice a cake? Not a problem with a cinnamon tea cake. Albeit a bit rustic to look at, it’s quick to make and bake, smells just like a doughnut and here’s the best bit

  2. Pregnancy cravings – they’re in the mail!

    Imagine having pregnancy cravings catered for by simply walking to the letterbox. It’s my utmost pleasure to announce that such a subscription service does exist. Yes, you can take care of those niggling cravings – both salty and sugar laden – in a monthly delivery

  3. Best-ever zucchini slice recipe

    A mainstay on our spring and summer menu at home, zucchini slice is a fantastically quick dinner of the throw-together-and-bake kind. Better yet, it’s just as delicious cold and often makes its way into the kids’ lunch boxes.

  4. Mini apple pie recipe

    Want to brush up your pastry skills? Let me lead the way with these scrumptious mini apple pies! Naturally, if you don’t care for making pastry or time is of the essence, reach for the frozen gear – there’s no judgement here – and I


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