Articles by Jaime Purnot

  1. The Dews toothbrush – upright and hygienic

    My daughter loves to brush her teeth. She actually requests it sometimes even when she’s just brushed them an hour before. I’m counting my lucky stars now and hoping that this isn’t a sign of future extreme fastidiousness or that it becomes an uphill battle

  2. You say tomato, we say Tomat kids clothing

    Dandelions gently swaying in the wind, sweet little birdies, retro cassette tapes and the ‘rock on’ hand symbol might seem like a contradiction at first. But they all blend together seamlessly and beautifully in this line of organic clothing for children.

  3. Boden launches maternity clothing range

    I’m currently in the midst of maternity clothes shopping and even though the range and availability of modern, stylish options has exploded since my daughter’s birth four years ago, I still had to traipse to three different shops to find exactly what I was looking


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