1. Move over cake smash… the taco smash is here!

    First, there were gender reveal cakes, then decadent smash cakes (and the subsequent bathing photos), and then the ridiculously gigantic cake toppers. Now, finally, a non-cake birthday trend is captivating the internet. Yep, it’s a taco smash. And yep, we love it.

  2. Chocolate and zucchini cake recipe

    Anyone who grows their own zucchinis – or is the neighbour of someone who does – knows there’s a time when you’re inundated with the green skinned suckers. With that in mind, tuck this wonderful cake recipe into the repertoire – it’ll not only use

  3. Easy carrot cake recipe

    Unlike chocolate or cherries or even cream, one thing most families have in their fridge at any given time is carrots. For a cake that has a bit more oomph than vanilla, but without the expense of a chocolate torte, carrot cake is your friend.


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