9 ways to survive the toddler phase

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They’re cute; they’re cuddly; and they are almost impossible to control. Welcome to the wonderful world of raising a toddler! How can you make life with a toddler pleasant each and every day? We have no idea! But these tongue-in-cheek tips may help.

Last month we introduced our Babyologists to surviving the world of newborns. But what happens when these cuddly little angels grow up?

messy toddler in high chair eating spaghetti

They turn into cheeky, demanding, stubborn mini versions of yourself, that’s what. And they know exactly how to push your buttons. But they also make every day a challenging, fun, exciting adventure. So how can you not only survive life with a toddler, but relish it?

Here’s how you do it:

1. When you start the day, dump out every single item in your closet and throw them around the house. That way any mess that your toddler makes is only minor in comparison to yours.

2. Explore the various ways to say no. That way you won’t feel like you are repeating yourself all day. The next time your toddler asks for chocolate for breakfast or tries to dip dolly into the food colouring, try:

  • Nix
  • Negative
  • Nu-uh
  • Not at this stage
  • Forget it
  • Negatory
  • Veto
  • Thumbs down
  • Declined
  • Disallow

3. Hide the baby powder. And the baby oil. And the nappy cream.

little boy lying on stone floor with flour everywhere

4. Make an appointment for the middle of the day. That way, you can be sure your child falls asleep in the car two minutes before you arrive at your destination.

5. Change your name to ‘Dad.’ And let your partner know that he is now known as ‘Mum.’  This will reduce your stress levels immensely.

6. Plan all beauty routines, showers and toilet needs for 3am. Enjoy this alone time.

7. Beat them at their own game. Check out seven ways to handle toddler tantrums for some great ideas on dealing with the dreaded public meltdowns. Number 1 is my personal favourite. But hiding under a box until they stop screaming always works too.

grumpy child sitting on floor with cardboard box on their head

8. Start the bedtime routine at 3pm. That way you may have a chance of getting them in bed by 7pm.

9. Lower your expectations. Sure, the house is a disaster, the laundry has been in the washing machine since 7am, there are broken crayons mashed into the white carpet and your toddler is currently going through your makeup bag, but, hey, everyone is alive. Everyone is happy. You did your job.


And, if you still have a newborn at home, make sure you check out how to survive the first three months with a newborn for even more cheeky ideas.


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