Ridiculously awesome reasons our readers have cried while pregnant

Last week an Imgur user by the name of TechnicallyRon took the Internet by storm when he posted a rather hilarious list about completely mundane things that have made his wife cry (he held her hand unexpectedly and she realised that swans can be gay, are two examples).

We asked you, our awesome readers, to share with us some of the odd things that have set off the waterworks and the answers will have you crying tears of laughter.

Most of our readers admit that these things made them cry when they were pregnant and hormones can probably be blamed.

Come and share with us the hilarious things that have made you cry and catch up on what started it all by reading our post on man shares a list of reasons why his wife cries, woman everywhere LOL.

Here’s some of the things that made you all cry when pregnant…

  • “when Adam Gilchrist retired from Australian cricket. I was pregnant with twins and bawled my eyes out. I don’t even watch cricket.”
  • “because I couldn’t eat my broccoli.”
  • “because the banana I asked for tasted too much like… banana.”
  • “after seeing a sweet old man sitting in a wheelchair enjoying an ice cream.”
  • “because my husband bought me home a chocolate doughnut instead of a strawberry one.”
  • “when I saw a little boy fall off his scooter.”
  •  “because I burnt cookies in the oven.”
  • “after I made my husband a ham and cheese sandwich. Then I cried because I dropped a knife.”
  •  “when an elderly lady let me in front of her because I only had one or two items at the checkout.”
  • “at that TAB ad where the dad gives the daughter a house.” (okay, so, this one gets me too… and I am not pregnant)
  • “because I couldn’t go to sleep.”
  • “because I was hungry but didn’t know what I wanted to eat.”
  • “because the frozen coke machine was out of order at McDonald’s.”
  •  “because the vacuum cleaner fell over.”
  • “when McDonald’s stopped doing Crunchies Mcflurries…all over!!.”
  • “when sorting out old receipts in my handbags to throw away.”
  • “During Deal or No Deal because an old couple won some money.”

What are some of the random reasons you have broken down in sobs during pregnancy?

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