Even more cute (and simple) ways to announce your pregnancy

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Letting your friends, family and the land of social media know that you are expecting gives you a chance to get creative.

But many of us simply don’t have the time to put on an elaborate song and dance to announce our big news. So here are some easy ways to stage the perfect photo that allows you to share your joy without spending big bucks or wasting too much time.

cute pregnancy 2016

One cute idea is to simply use standard white socks hanging on the line. Adding an extra pair of baby socks with the clever caption, “Our house is growing by two feet” is the perfect way to get your message across with minimal effort and no Photoshop required.


cute pregnancy 2016 1

Foodies everywhere will love this delicious way to share the news. And, again, so simple! All you need is a Sharpie, a big white bowl and some pleasing penmanship.

cute preggo 3

Get your partner involved by enjoying a meal and adding a bit of text at the top of the photo. Nothing says “We’re pregnant” quite like a pint of beer and a plate of chicken wings.
cute preggo 2016 5

More into board games? Then how about announcing the pregnancy via Scrabble?

cute preggo 5

Another simple and elegant way to announce your pregnancy is to take a photo with a bump ahead sign.

baby announcement 2016

Lots of people use the “morning sickness” photo but this one has to be our favourite. The juxtaposition between the poor mum-to-be and the smiling dad and daughter is just too cute!

Best Pregnancy Announcement Ever

Or, you could always instil the help of a celebrity to make your big news. Both Will Smith and Emily look pretty excited about the news.

baby announcment redo

How about staging a photo shoot like this adorable couple did? If you have a talent for drawing (especially with chalk), a tripod and a bit of time on your hands, then why not draw your own pregnancy?

baby announcement redo2

Or, you could always simply add a bit of cute text to one of your photos to get the message across.

If you’d prefer to make your announcement a more elaborate affair, check out these insanely awesome ways to announce your pregnancy. And make sure you also check out last year’s adorable pregnancy announcements for some more sweet ideas.

How did you announce your pregnancy?

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