The month your child was born says a lot about their personality

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One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is thinking about the type of person your little one will become!

This makes the month they are born particularly intriguing. Apparently, the month your little one is born can shape their destiny determining everything from their personality characteristics to career choices!

Have a read and see if you recognise your little one … 

Read more about baby’s birth month:


Money is a big theme when it comes to career choices for your January baby. That, or becoming a GP! Kind, generous and a good judge of character they are also pretty stubborn people and don’t change their minds easily!


What do artists and traffic wardens have in common? They’re both likely to be born in February! Feb babies are also highly imaginative and sensitive to the needs of others. They just might need a bit more encouragement from you to share their own feelings.


Creativity and talent abounds for March babies. There’s an overwhelming number of singers, sports stars and athletes born in this month. Their energy and ambition make them great leaders.  


April is the second highest month for producing CEOs and Managing Directors of companies, so if you think your little one is a bit of a bossy boots, you now know why! Their confidence and easy ability to make friends means they’re likely to be proper little networkers from the start.


Apparently, lots of politicians are born in May – so watch out for that! Your mid-year baby is also very likely to be a very tidy soul who likes packing away their toys. #win Bunch of little organisers right here! And while they’re patient and loving they also never forget an insult …


Known for their great communication skills, intelligence rates high among June babies. They’re bright an adapt easily to new situations. An unusually high number of June babies become Nobel Peace Prize winners. Just sayin’.


Train drivers and bricklayers are among the most common professions for July babies. They mostly possess a very sunny disposition! They’re practical types but will always require some special attention from you.


Hairdressing is the most common job of choice for August babies. Handy for everyone else in the family, right? As Virgos, August babies are independent and love attention and adoration. 


Got a problem? Your September baby is primed to solve it. Sociable and loving they’re also mostly perfectionists who are fiercely loyal to friends and family.


Naturally charming, October babies are also super-duper smart! With a higher than average number of them getting places at the world’s most prestigious universities.


Just like fellow Sagittarians, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster and Ryan Gosling – your November baby is most likely to choose an acting career. Independent thinkers who aren’t afraid to live life outside the box they also know how to push boundaries. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


End of year babies are positive bubbles of love, but watch out for their impatience! You can expect a few police officers or army drill sergeants born in this month. But their love and loyalty to family and friends always shines brightly.


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