Listen up: The best ‘raindrop names’ for Australian babies

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A baby name expert has recently coined the term ‘raindrop names’ for certain monikers, and honestly we could not love it more. Not only does ‘raindrop names’ sound beautiful – the names themselves have some specific guidelines to ensure they can truly be considered ‘raindrop’.

“A ‘raindrop name’ shows its liquid form by packing two or more syllables into four or fewer letters. Its consonant sounds maintain a smooth and tranquil surface. No hisses, no sharp stops, just M, L, N, R and Y,” Laura Wattenberg says.

We checked the just-released list of Australia’s favourite baby names – and each state’s top baby name lists too. Here are some of our favourite raindrop names from the top of those ranks!


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Ari is a strong, sweet and simple Hebrew name meaning "lion of God". (It's also my son's name so it gets top marks!)



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