Good craic! 30 Irish baby names for boys and girls (and their meanings)

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Everyone wants to be a tiny bit Irish, right?

When we were coming up with names for our second boy I was completely obsessed with giving him something Celtic. (We didn’t in the end, which is another story for another day.)

It was a wish to throwback to my own ancestral Irish roots and just because, when it comes to names and meanings, I think the Irish take the advantage.

Maybe it’s got something to do with their cultural reverence to all things mythological and religious. Who knows? But they’re good at it.

Proof in point is the delightful meanings behind these 30 names for boys and girls.

You can’t get more Irish than these.


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1. Aine

A short name that packs a lot of punch because Aine means ‘splendour, radiance, brilliance’.

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Awn-ye”.

2. Ailbe

This name is common for both genders in Ireland and literally translates to ‘white’. St Ailbe was also the patron saint of fishing and lots of churches have been built in his honour along the best fishing spots of a river. 

That’s nice! How do I say it? “All + bay”

3. Brigid, Bridget 

St Brigid was the most important female deity for the Celts, and her name means ‘power, vigour, virtue’.

4. Deirbhile

A good name for honeymoon babies because this super feminine name means, ‘true desire’.

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Deerv-la”.

5. Caitlin or Cathleen 

St Catherine is the patron saint of Ireland so variations of her name are revered and a super popular choice. No surprise then that these names mean: ‘courage and purity’.

6. Iseult

Iseult was a mythological Irish princess who was on her way to marry King Mark of Cornwall when she drank a love potion and fell in love with his nephew.

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Iz + el”

7. Keela or Kyla

This is a mystical sounding name that’s derived from the Irish word, ‘cathal’, which directly translates as: ‘a beauty only poetry can capture’.

8. Laoise

Does your baby girl light up your life? This could be the name for you, translating as: ‘radiant girl, brightness and light’.

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Lee + sha”. 

9. Meabh, Maeve

This name has been popular over the years, and directly translates to ‘she who intoxicates’.

That’s nice! How do I say it? “May + ve” 

10. Niamh

Short and pretty, Niamh means ‘radiance, lustre, brightness’.

That’s nice! How do I say it? : “Nee + iv” or “Neev”. 

11. Nuala 

This ancient name has been in use since the 13th century! It’s a shortened version of Fionnuala and means, ‘fair shouldered, exceptionally lovely’.

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Noo + la”

12. Radha

This unique name seems to straddle the old and the new world and directly translates to, ‘a vision’. 

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Row + a”

13. Roisin 

The English version of this name is Rosaleen – super feminine. It means ‘little rose’. 

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Ro + sheen”. 

14. Sadhbh

If you believe in bestowing virtues on your baby girl, this is a good choice, as it literally translates to ‘goodness’. 

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Sa-hive”.  

15. Tara

Short and snappy, Tara actually means ‘rocky hill’ and originated to commemorate a famous hill in Ireland. A popular choice! 


Sleeping baby

1. Aedan

You can’t get more masculine than this name with Aedan translating as ‘born of fire’. 

That’s nice! How do I say it?  “Aid + an” or “Aid + on”

2. Ciaran

If you have high academic hopes for your little guy, this could make a great choice. Ciaran means ‘little dark one, knowledge and wisdom’.

That’s nice! How do I say it?: “Keer-awn” or “Keer-in”. 

3. Conor

A popular choice for boys across the generations, Conor actually means ‘lover of hounds’ and ‘high desire’. 

4. Darcy 

A cute name with a more sinister meaning! Darcy translates to ‘descendant of the dark one’.

5. Cormac

Cormac was a great Irish King of legend, so this name makes for a regal choice! It directly translates as ‘charioteer’. 

6. Dylan

Such a lovely name for a boy – and it means ‘son of the sea’. 

7. Emmet 

Robert Emmet led a rebellion against the British in the 17th century, so this name is a bit of a hat tip to him and bravery in general. 

8. Killian

A lovely choice for a little boy who might be a bit of a dreamer, or connected to the spiritual side of life, Killian means ‘little church’. 

9. Finn

I always imagine boys with this name being super quick runners! The direct translation is ‘small, blonde soldier’.

10. Micheál

A super traditional choice, it’s the Irish translation of the name Michael and shares the same meaning, ‘strength and humility’. 

11. Piaras

Another strong name for a boy. With an intriguing phonetic appeal, Piaras also means ‘strength and humility’. 

That’s nice! How do I say it?: “Pierce”

12. Oisin

This sweet name means, ‘little deer’. How cute is that? 

That’s nice! How do I say it? “Osh-een”. 

13. Oscar

I was surprised to find that Oscar is an Irish name. It directly translates to ‘deer lover’ or ‘friend of deer’. 

14. Niall 

Niall was a legend in fourth-century Ireland, renowned for his ‘passion’ and ‘vehemence’. So not a great choice for any wallflowers, then?! 

That’s nice! How do I say it?: “Nye + al”.

15. Shea

A great choice for little boys that are full of energy and curiosity – the direct translation is ‘hawk’, ‘hawk-like’ and ‘noble’. 

That’s nice! How do I say it? : “Shay”. 


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