50 baby names to love inspired by American geography

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David and Victoria Beckham did it. So did Reese Witherspoon. And countless other parents have selected a baby name inspired by an American state, city, town or borough. Why? Because these USA inspired monikers are beyond adorable!

Regardless of where you’re living or whether or not you’re celebrating Independence Day today, you have to admit – these baby names are sweeter than apple pie.

Australians are famous for their interesting choices in place names (I live in a suburb called Yorkey’s Knob. Not even joking.), but you have to admit there are some popular Aussie cities that double as cute baby names (Sydney, Adelaide and Bowen to name a few). We’ve got a whole list of them in fact (see our post on Aussie-inspired baby names).

It turns out, baby names inspired by places in the United States are just as cute. But don’t take our word for it – have a read through our 50 favourites (in honour of the 50 states – see what we did there?) and see which ones top your list.

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American-inspired girl names

  1. Abilene (a city in Texas)
  2. Alabama  (a state)
  3. Alexandria (a city in Virginia)
  4. Aspen (a city in Colorado)
  5. Atlanta (a city in Georgia)
  6. Carolina (inspired by states, North and South Carolina)
  7. Charlotte (the capital of North Carolina)
  8. Cheyenne (a city in Wyoming)
  9. Della (inspired by Delaware)
  10. Georgia (a state)
  11. Helena (a city in Montana)
  12. Ida (inspired by Idaho)
  13. Indi/Indiana (a state)
  14. Juneau (the capital of Alaska)
  15. Louisiana (a state)
  16. Madison (a city in Wisconsin)
  17. Montana (a state)
  18. Nevada (a state)
  19. Peyton (a city in Colorado)
  20. Virginia ( a state)

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Red white and blue baby boy names

  1. Ari (inspired by Arizona)
  2. Bronx (a borough of New York)
  3. Boston (a city in Massachusetts)
  4. Chandler (a city in Arizona)
  5. Eugene (a city in Oregon)
  6. Diego (inspired by San Diego)
  7. Laredo (a city in Texas)
  8. Orlando (a city in Florida)
  9. Mitchell (a city in South Dakota)
  10. Trenton (a city in New Jersey)
  11. Denver (a city in Colorado)
  12. Jackson (a city in Florida)
  13. Tennessee (a state)
  14. Reno (a city in Nevada)
  15. York (inspired by New York)

United States unisex names

  1. America
  2. Arli (inspired by Arlington, West Virginia)
  3. Albany (the capital of New York)
  4. Austin (the capital of Texas)
  5. Brooklyn (a borough of New York)
  6. Dakota (inspired by North and South Dakota)
  7. Cody (a city in Wyoming)
  8. Cal/Cali (inspired by California)
  9. Dayton (a city in Ohio)
  10. Dallas (a city in Texas)
  11. Jersey (inspired by New Jersey)
  12. Lincoln (a city in Nebraska)
  13. Memphis (a city in Tennessee)
  14. Raleigh (a city in North Carolina)
  15. Phoenix (a city in Arizona)

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