7 vasectomy cakes that will give you a giggle

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If you like a pun (at someone else’s expense) then you are going to love vasectomy cakes.

Yes, I did say vasectomy cake.

Yes, that’s right, a cake you’d make for the special man in your life when he goes for the snip.

Move over gender reveal … 

As it turns out people are meeting this life event with momentum, a bit of a party and some wild, let’s call it – creativity.

The cakes themselves range across the full spectrum of humour and tastefulness, or should that be … tastelessness?

We’d recommend not drinking anything hot while reading. Just in case … you might just spit it out!

Gets straight to the point

Why beat around the bush? Say what you mean and mean what you say with a cake that leaves very little to the imagination. 


At first glance it looks subtle, but peer a little closer and the poor taste metre is really tipping over with this cake.


This one gets a big LOL from me.



Literally. And hairy ones at that.



Those stitches sure look painful.



Almost tasteful … almost!

Tidy work

Says it all without really saying it.


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