The Dad Kit

For the past 200,000 years, dads have been portrayed as absent, overworked, emotionless buffoons who just trip their way through the parenting experience on the coattails of their wives.

But that was then – and this is now.

Things have changed, right?

The Dad Kit is the weekly podcast that aims to find out. Each week, host Sean Szeps sits down with a well-known Aussie dad to unpack some of the knotty cultural ideas we have about fathers and finds out what's really going on in the minds of modern men.

Father to boy-girl twin toddlers, Sean has always been interested in how and why culture changes, and the impact it has on gender roles and the family dynamic. So with The Dad Kit, he gets up close and personal with his guests and uses their personal experiences to determine just how far we’ve come as a society when it comes to family life.

You don’t have to be a parent to listen to The Dad Kit – you just have to be interested in good people telling great stories. So enjoy!

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Presenter/Producer: Sean Szeps
Producer: Cinnamon Nippard
Executive Producer: Ella Walsh
Mixed by:Tiffany Dimmack

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