Understanding speech development with Sonia Bestulic: Your questions answered

Posted in Parent School.

This week on Parent School: The Podcast, speech pathologist Sonia Bestulic answers all your questions about how your child is speaking including:

  • Whether growing up with several languages in the home will delay a child’s speech development
  • If it’s normal for a two-and-a-half-year-old to only string two words together (and how to encourage fuller speech)
  • If it’s normal for a three-year-old to replace ‘g’ and ‘k’ with ‘d’ and ‘t’
  • If a two-year-old should be speaking more than several words, and whether staying at home all day with only one other person may be holding her back
  • Will a four-year-old grow out of a lisp?
  • How to stop a five-year-old speaking for a two-year-old
  • How to help a primary-school-aged child articulate their thoughts

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